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Last week, I saw a cat door in someone's house and immediately felt that I had to have it. For years, I've wanted my husband to install a pet door on our laundry room door. The litterbox is in the laundry room, so the door always has to stay open some. He never got around to installing a pet door, and I cringed at always seeing the door opened some. Once I saw the cat door there was no holding me back!

I went home and ordered it from Amazon and yesterday he installed it. The product says it is easy to install. It really should be, but let me be honest in saying that it isn't. It took him about two hours to install it, following the directions. No matter what he tried, the product wasn't lining up right, which mean he had to figure out a solution. He trimmed more of the door off than what the original pattern called for, and that did the trick. He was able to get it together.

While it wasn't the easiest to install, I love the finished product. The cat door is so cute! The cats immediately went over to check it out and started going through it. Now I can keep the door closed and I have a cute cat outline for the cat door. I wanted to share this, because you may love it, too!

- Jacqueline


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